Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette Review

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review

Hello Lovelies!

I hope everyone is as ready for the weekend as I am! I’ve had a pretty stressful week so I am ready for a little R&R!!

To kick-off the weekend, and with the help of my handsome tabby cat, I present the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette Review!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Review

I bought this palette at Ulta for $49 several weeks ago. I had been eyeing this palette for some time now but debated whether or not to buy it because it’s pretty pricey. Plus, I have so many eye shadows already – but what’s a few more, right? A girl can’t ever get enough!

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette comes in a lovely box that really makes you think of an outer wrapping of a chocolate bar. The palette itself is a lightweight metal texture and definitely looks like a chocolate bar. When you open it up, there’s a nice mirror on there (although I will rarely ever use it) and you instantly notice the lovely, sweet smell of chocolate (the eye shadows are made with pure, antioxidant-rich cocoa powder). And, the smell doesn’t seem to ever fade – BONUS! The names of each of the eye shadow colors are on a plastic sheet which I don’t like because I prefer to see the names embedded in the palette itself.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Swatches

One of the things I love about this palette is the variety. There’s a variety of colors (16 of them) and finishes which are nicely pigmented. You have matte shades, metallic shades, and some shimmery shades. With respect to the colors themselves, you’ve got a variety of brown shades that are on the lighter side (Salted Caramel & Milk Chocolate), some medium browns (Hazelnut, Semi-Sweet, and Haute Chocolate), and darker browns (Triple Fudge & Black Forest Truffle). Plus they threw in a purple shade (Candied Violet), burgundy shade (Cherry Cordial), and light pink shade (Strawberry Bon Bon). Overall though this is a neutral palette.

Here is one of my favorite looks you can accomplish with this palette.

Image posted by @jaylenebird on Instagram
Image posted by @jaylenebird on Instagram

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Verdict: This Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette is a staple in my eye shadow collection. I think it’s fantastic! The pigmentation is fabulous and the variety of colors is awesome. If you tend to go towards browns and taupe’s with your eye shadow colors (like me), this is a fun palette to have because it gives you a lot of takes on that classic brown neutral look. I think if you like your palettes to have more pops of color or you just like more colorful palettes in general, this may not be the palette for you because this is really a basic neutral palette.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a super amazing weekend!



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18 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette Review

    1. Haha! This typically happens to me too after I see a post about a product I’m interested in…I typically run out and get it! I will say that this palette is definitely worth a try. I like the Naked palettes too but this one is just as good. Gorgeous. Enjoy!! xx

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  1. If you’re really into neutrals Lauren, I think this palette would be perfect for you! There’s a few bonus colors too…I really think it’s just gorgeous for anyone! xx


  2. Does the chocolate scent on the packaging fade after a few uses? I noticed mine faded after 3 uses. Is it because my palette is a bad batch? Or is it normal for the palette to lose its chocolate scent after a few uses? Thank you.

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    1. Hello, the chocolate scent should not fade after a few uses. I’ve had my palette for several months now, use it all the time and it still has the chocolate scent. Did you buy yours from ebay? I’ve seen some other bloggers complain about makeup they bought from ebay…sometimes the products are not as good quality which makes me wonder if they’re selling dupes versus the real thing.


      1. I bought mine at ulta.. I still smell it but its kinda subtle now.. which kinda sucks because one of the reasons why I have decided to buy the palette was because of the packaging’s scent.. 😦 The scent is not as strong as before..


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