MAC Releasing 5 New Lipsticks on July 9th!!


Heads up MAC lipstick lovers!!

In case you haven’t heard yet, MAC has collaborated with French fashion designer, Giambattista Valli, and are releasing 5 new matte lipstick shades that range from a fair pink to a sexy aubergine (eggplant color). They are also releasing a new high-gloss product (Crystal Glaze) that is supposed to turn-up the shades from matte to glossy. The entire collection will hit stores on July 9th.

I can’t help but be super excited for this MAC release so I wanted to share the exciting news!

Check out these FABULOUS colors:

Bianca B ($18)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

Charlotte ($18)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

Margherita ($18)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

Tats ($18)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

Eugenie ($18)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

Crystal Glaze Gloss ($23)

Photo source: POPSUGAR

All of these shades were inspired by fabric swatches in the Giambattista Valli fashion vault, creating a diverse range of colors. Read more on the POPSUGAR website.

These lipsticks will come in new colored packaging which is completely new for MAC. The lipstick tubes will be metallic and will reflect the color of the lipstick inside. This is a really cool concept because as we all know, MAC’s lipsticks traditionally come in black colored packaging so they all look the same. With several MAC lipsticks in your makeup bag, it can be difficult to find the color you’re looking for. This will make it so much easier to spot the lipstick you’re looking for in your makeup bag!

Each of these lipsticks will cost you $18 (add on $23 if you want to purchase the gloss). MAC’s original lipsticks cost $16 so not much of a price increase for these.

So, lovelies, will you be running out to get any of these lipsticks once they’re released?  I know I will!!



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37 thoughts on “MAC Releasing 5 New Lipsticks on July 9th!!

      1. Oh yeah, agree on the Bianca one. It’s stunning. All of them are really gorgeous and I like the matte to gloss concept with the crystal glaze product but for $23 it would have to do something magical! So, not sure I would buy that product because you could just use one of your lip glosses over the lipstick to make it glossy. Would be cool if they stick to this packaging. xx

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      2. yeah xxx agreed ………magical lip gloss …. love it – xxx i am Too Faced Obsessed melted when it comes to shine and NYX xx i am Not crazy about pots of glosses ….. kinda messy – I am Gonna buy Bianca and see How i like it xx I think MAC are trying to keep up with so many other brands that actually show the true colour of the lipstick u know xo

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      3. Same here lovely! xo haha i’m not sure but for some reason I noticed today that I wasn’t following you, which is weird because I could have sworn I was – I must have clicked something by accident. Anyway, so glad we *met* umm connected!! 🙂

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      4. ahh yeah it can get confusing – is my beautyblog – that’s the only place where I blog now xxxxx is like my main site – for all the other stuff xxx if u want beauty stuff – UM – i think that’s what you like – Ha – xx

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  1. Wow! popsugar looks gorgeous! I recentely bought antique velvet one of the new mac matte shades its almost identical..but im willing to buy this one too! 🙂

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      1. Awesome! did you hear about the limited edition prep & prime fix + in scents? Man i was about to buy some n they sold out already was planning to do a review on them! 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have! I’ve seen mixed reviews on them but I would still like to try. I read the lavender had the strongest smell but can’t be that strong (hopefully). Funny I was just about to go on their site to see if I could get one!


      3. So cool! Hmm..If they bring back the cucumber scent I’ll buy it! Will let you know how it works for me 🙂

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    1. Me too!! I just went to my local MAC store to try to preorder them but they told me I couldn’t and have to wait until the store receives them bc they don’t have the SKUs yet 😞

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