10 Beauty Favorites You Didn’t Know Were Cruelty-Free

Ever wonder if your makeup is cruelty free? See if some of your favorite brands are on this list. Some of my favs are and I didn’t even know it! 💁

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Westend61/Getty Images Westend61/Getty Images

Given our growing environmental awareness, animal testing is a hot-button issue among beauty lovers and activists alike. As we move toward more natural, less chemical and carcinogen-packed products in our regular routines, we’ve got cruelty-free beauty on the mind, too.

With that said, the definition of “cruelty-free” is controversial: Some brands don’t personally test on animals, but may be owned by parent companies that do, or use third parties to test on animals on their behalf. Another big no-no is selling products in China, where animal testing is mandatory. Let that one sink in.

If brands are able to answer “no” to all of those points, then they’re cruelty-free for all intents and purposes, even if they haven’t made it to PETA’s official list. These 10 beloved brands are among our very favorites, but what makes them even better is that they’re entirely cruelty-free, which goes to…

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