PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016 Review

PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016

Hello loves! Well this is the second PopSugar Must Have Mini box and boy do I like it better than their first Mini box. I’m going to just jump right out and say that I am not loving their Mini boxes yet but they do have potential! Keep reading to find out what’s included in the May 2016 Mini box.

PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016
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H2O+ Oasis Hydrating Treatment (retail value $38). This is a super hydrating facial treatment/moisturizer formulated with Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts. Unlike your typical cream moisturizers, this one is a blue gel. It reminds me of a tiny swimming pool :). This hydrating treatment claims to keep your complexion noticeably softer, smoother, and continuously hydrated for 24 hours. So far I’ve used this product twice and can say that I wholeheartedly agree! The gel instantly absorbed into my skin, it didn’t sit on top of it. It also left my skin feeling super soft, smooth and hydrated all day long. It has a very faint smell that is hard to describe – it kind of smells like some other facial serums I’ve tried. If you have dry skin, this moisturizer is perfect as it hydrates your skin unlike any other facial moisturizer and it retains the moisture. If you have oily skin you might want to stay away from this product as I have not seen any indication on the packaging or on the company’s website that this is an oil-free product. I’m going to pop this baby in the fridge for an extra cooling effect in the upcoming summer months.

PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016

Zing Anything Zingo Tritan White Infuser Bottle (retail value $12.99)This is a 22-ounce citrus-infuser water bottle that is BPA/Halogen and Phthalates free plus it’s dishwasher safe. Since I have been hitting the gym lots lately, I am definitely going to be using this. I love citrus flavored water and this bottle comes with its very own reamer. You simply unscrew the bottom cup and press a citrus half (lemon, lime, orange) into the reamer, put the cup back on, add water and shake for delicious citrus flavored water.

PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016

Cost: $18.95/month + tax (free shipping)

Retail value: $50.99 – definitely a great value here!

Verdict: I really liked the items included in this month’s box. I still would like to see them include a makeup item though. My major disappointment with this box is that there are only two items included. I really wish there were more!

To sign up for this monthly subscription box, click here.

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4 thoughts on “PopSugar Must Have Mini May 2016 Review

  1. Wow that H2O + treatment is such a Vibrant Blue absolutely beautiful – That really is a great value box but totally agree, Subscription boxes should have at least 1 Makeup product. Great Review and pictures. In awe over that Blue Gel. 😀

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  2. I love the packaging of the hydrating treatment and the blue jelly like texture of the product looks so amazing. I’m sure with hydrating components like water lilly and sea grass, I know one can’t go wrong with it.

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  3. looks like you get some bigger products in these boxes! I want to try the blue gel so badly now!


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