NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo (Laguna + Hot Sand) Review

NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo


Although highlighting and contouring has become increasingly popular across the beauty space, I only started highlighting and contouring a few months ago. As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I was a little afraid to admit this at first. I was reluctant to try highlighting and contouring because it seemed too complicated and I also thought it was far too much work. I like to get ready quickly and who the heck has time for this whole process in the morning anyway? After watching many YouTube videos, I finally got the hang of this whole highlighting and contouring thing and get through it rather quickly now. Contouring has become a must in my daily makeup routine and when I want a little glam, I’ll highlight. I started experimenting with different products but since I mostly use powder products, cream products like the NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo was a little out of my comfort zone but I decided to try it anyway.

The NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo is a new limited-edition cream contour and highlight portable dual-ended stick (wow, that was a mouthful!) that comes in three different combinations of colors (Copacabana + Sidari Beach, Hot Sand + Laguna, and Flamenco + Oahu). One end of the stick contains a cream contour color and the other end contains a cream highlight color. I purchased the Hot Sand + Laguna color.

Laguna (contour color)

Hot Sand (highlight color)


No tools are required for application of the contour or highlight product on your face. You just glide it right on. You will need a tool to blend out the product once applied. If you want to use a brush to blend it out, I would suggest an oval brush. Alternatively, you can use your fingers or a beauty blender. I prefer to use my beauty blender when applying any cream products.

When using the contour side of the stick, I glide the product right under my cheek bones, at the very top of my forehead by my hair line, on my temples, and on the sides of my nose. There are other areas you can apply the contour shade but you want to focus on the areas that better suit the shape of your face. The contour product applies very smoothly and easily.  

When using the highlight side of the stick, I apply with my fingers. Unfortunately, this is where the product fails. The highlight product is not as creamy as the contour product so it does not glide smoothly. It actually skips if you know what I mean. If you force the product to glide it starts to ball / clump up.

**It is important to note that this product should be used before applying any powder products** When I first tried this product, I applied it on my face after applying my foundation and translucent powder. That was a huge NO-NO. The product clumped right up and looked patchy. I was ready to send this right back to Sephora when I realized – DUH – this is a cream product! Of course it is not going to work on top of a powder product. I then applied the product after applying my liquid foundation and before applying translucent powder. Voila, we are in business!

Color & Blend:

Contour shade (Laguna): One or two swipes of the contour cream is all you need to get a good base contour color. This shade (Laguna) is sheer enough that you can build it up. I find that you still need to use a bronzer over the contour cream in order to get optimal definition and color payoff. As far as blendability goes, the contour cream does not blend well. I have to go over it many times with my beauty blender to get it fully blended out.

Highlight shade (Hot Sand): Several applications (with my fingers) are needed in order to get a decent highlight color. The highlight cream is very sheer and subtle. It does not blend well at all.


Verdict: I’m a sucker for versatile products, especially if they’re portable and from a classic brand like NARS. Therefore, I was expecting this highlight-contour duo to fully impress me. Unfortunately, it didn’t. This is just an OK product with a very disappointing highlighter. For the price ($39), I expected better and would not recommend this product.

I hope you found this review helpful.

Until next time loves,


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7 thoughts on “NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo (Laguna + Hot Sand) Review

  1. Too bad it’s not all that’s cracked up to be. I do really like Laguna powder bronzer though. I think cream bronzers / highlighters / contour are really tricky to work with. Great review and swatches!

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