Best Root Touch Up Product On The Market!

I am in my thirties and unfortunately have some gray hairs. I know it’s not the end of the world, but it sure does require a ton of maintenance! I am at the hair salon every month just getting colored to cover up these grays. I would go more frequently if I could because they grow in so quickly!  But, that requires time & money and with my busy schedule, I can’t afford to go more often. Like most people, going to the hair salon is like a two-hour event – not to mention about a $100 cost with tip!

Luckily, I found a fantastic in between coloring solution – and am so excited to tell you all about it!! I discovered a root touch-up product from Madison Reed that instantly covers your roots. And, that’s not the only great thing about this product: 1) it comes in a very nice compact so you can take it on-the-go; 2) you can choose a color to perfectly match your hair color; 3) oil-absorbing powder adds volume to your hair; and 4) powder stays put and does not come off, rub off, leave residue on your pillow, NOTHING – until you shampoo your hair! It will even stay put through workouts and rainstorms! If you have grays, like me, you might have tried covering up your roots using eyeshadow or some other products that don’t work as well. This one works wonders. 

Just look at my before and after picture (I’m using Ombra – Dark Brown color):


When I received this product in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised and really impressed with just the packaging! Sorry, I don’t have a picture to show you because I threw the box out before deciding to make a post about it. You can tell the company really put a lot of thought and effort into their packaging, considering their target market of fabulous women who love to be pampered 😉

The compact itself is so pretty, durable, and comes with a black velvet pouch to keep it discreet. Inside the compact it says “Hello Beautiful” right above the mirror. How clever! 

madison reedFullSizeRender (1)

The cost is $29.95 on the Madison Reed website. They sometimes offer free shipping and you can get $15 off if you refer a friend. Enjoy your Saturday friends! XOXO

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